The Watering Hole of Humanity

Tonight I sat at an outdoor table at a local watering hole and restaurant watching people come and go through the front entrance. What struck me was the diversity of the people coming and going. Old, young, light, dark, good looking, and otherwise.  In making some assumptions based on looks; some of the patrons were well off and others were not.

What all these people did have in common was they were there with at least one other person. Some were there with friends and others it appeared were there with families. All the people there seemed happy to be with the people they were with. How fortunate those people were to enjoy the company of another person. Those relationships seemed to make them happy, or at least content.  It wasn’t wealth, status, or appearance that brought them joy; it was a connection to another person that made them happy.

And in their happiness they were more pleasant to those around them. They opened doors for each other, said “excuse me” and “thank you”, and acted like friends to strangers.

There in that little slice of humanity was hope for the whole of humanity. People in relationship with one another following the golden rule without even thinking about it. It is all about people, people.





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